Review of Skeletos parakeet skull necklace

For a long time, I’ve been wearing a gold cast of a hummingbird skull that I bought from an Etsy seller Blue Bayer Designs NYC. I love the look of this necklace, unless you’re right up on top of it you can’t tell at all that it’s a skull, it has a unique shape and looks great with anything.

As I was getting ready for our upcoming vacation I started thinking that I’d like to wear something every day to remind me of the parakeets, since I’m struggling with leaving them behind.

I started searching on Etsy and found a couple of cute options, and then found this seller, Skeletos, located in Germany, who also makes casts of bird skulls and turns them into jewelry. I saw that he had a parakeet skull necklace and knew I had to have it!

The listing says it’s a life-size parakeet skull but it seems big to me. I think it might be an Indian Ringneck or some other type of larger parakeet and not the smaller American Parakeet.

Regardless, it’s beautifully detailed and has the same structure as my parakeet’s heads and the large size gives it a nice presence, it’s definitely more of a statement piece than the hummingbird, but it will certainly remind me of my ‘keets while I’m away.

The pendant is on the heavy side but very comfortable to wear, the way it’s suspended from the chain makes it well-balanced and I really don’t feel that I’m wearing a necklace at all.

Both the pendant and chain are excellent quality, beautiful and highly polished. The jaw of the skull is even articulated and opens/closes very smoothly.

open jaw – insert millet

The necklace shipped out quickly and the packaging was awesome, including a cute little box and a hand-written note from the seller.

If you’re looking for something outside of the norm to celebrate your love of birds I absolutely recommend Skeletos, both for the quality or their product and great customer service.

Note – I ended to take some cool pictures of the parakeets with the necklace but Toby was freaked out by it, which furthers proves how realistic the form is!


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