Parakeet fun with shredded newspaper

Toby and Kelly have been enjoying their Caitec Party Cubes Bird Shredding toy from Drs Foster & Smith so much that all of the paper streamers were either destroyed or thrown around and “eaten” by the vacuum.  I kept trying to pick them all up at the end of the day and refill the boxes but it was a losing battle!  So – I decided to buy a newspaper and make some shreds of my own. The finished product is a huge hit, possibly even more beloved than it was originally because I packed the shreds in really tightly and have made it much more of a challenge.

Neither parakeet would allow me to take their picture while playing

While I was cutting out shreds I decided to see if they would enjoy playing around in a lose pile of them on the floor and oh yes they did.  I plan to do this again sometime soon and possibly hide some millet or other treats underneath the paper.  The only difficult part was keeping track of Kelly, she really enjoyed burrowing in and definitely blended in with the paper!

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