which sexes of budgies get along best

What I’m doing this weekend

This just about sums it up –

Maybe the bike will get some attention too….probably not

The Women’s Sorry I Can’t I Have Plans With My Bird: Pet Lover T-Shirt Medium Black is definitely my new favorite shirt and it pretty much speaks to all of my free time!

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4 thoughts on “What I’m doing this weekend”

  1. How adorable i have 2 budgies a blue and white 😍 white ones name is Luna and the little blue guy is Elvis then we have our little brat Rosko who is a quaker parrot !

      1. Oh yes Quakers are very curious in their ways. When hes upset he loves to dump his food everywhere and also his bath. Hes still super cute and lovey when he wants attention haha😂😂

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