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Just for fun – things your parakeet is yelling about

I’m guessing that most budgie owners have had at least a day or two when their dear sweet angel babies get the idea to start yelling and don’t stop until they’ve worn out your eardrums (save for eating and naps).  Here is a list of reasons your parakeet may be yelling.

  • It’s snowing
  • It’s windy
  • It’s sunny
  • It’s raining
  • It’s cloudy
  • There are leaves falling from trees
  • She has spotted a squirrel 50 feet away that poses an immediate threat to everyone’s safety
  • “There are other birds out there do you see them???”

Methods of dealing for humans include Flents Contour Ear Plugs – Soft Comfort! 50 Pair with Clear Plastic Travel Jar or closing the curtains.  But really, if they are enjoying a good yell who am I to shut it down?  They are parrots and so they must be noisy 🙂

3 thoughts on “Just for fun – things your parakeet is yelling about”

  1. You missed these ones:
    -You’re in this room.
    -You’re not in this room.
    -You turn on the TV/Radio.
    -You turn off the TV/Radio.
    -I want to eat but I want you to also eat with me right here.
    -I want to eat, leave me alone.
    -I want to drink water but from your cup.
    -What’s that? A new tea? Gimme!

    My baby boy used to yell even though when it was his time to sleep. Can you guess how he ended up all the yelling at the sleeping time? Now, he sleeps with me and until I go to sleep. Otherwhise, he’s yelling. Hahahaha.

    He loves hanging out in my shoulders and it’s the only place he’s not yelling! But he bites my ears and hands and sometimes mouth (I can totally relate with the Hide your hands -Kelly is a teenager post!).

    1. I’ve had my lovely boy Percy about 4 weeks and he’s still quiet! I put YouTube with budgies singing and he chirps odd times. He’s happy for me to put my hand in his cage when I clean it and do his food. He’s happy for me to put my face close to cage to talk to him but taking time to take more – but I’m patient. He will only eat his seeds – I try to tempt him with treats but not interested. ADVICE PLEASE 🙏🏻

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