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Video – could you listen to this flock calling parakeet for 2 hours straight?

We had a little warm spell recently and it brought a lot of outdoor birds out of their hiding spots to chirp and enjoy the nice days.  It has also made Kelly want to communicate with them desperately, so she’s been flock calling to them every morning for hours straight. I know that in a week or so she would realize they aren’t going to talk back and stop trying, but in the interim we have this incessant yelling.

Before getting a budgie (or any bird), listen to this on a loop for 2 hours and decide if you can take the noise!  Please excuse the weirdly-sized video and the water noise in the background, she stopped yelling as soon as she saw the camera so I had to run the water to get her going again!

10 thoughts on “Video – could you listen to this flock calling parakeet for 2 hours straight?”

  1. I love when Levi sits at one end of the living room and Cosette sits at the other, and they proceed to flockcall each other at high volume. I imagine it’s going something like “Come here” “No, you come here” “No, you come here” “No, YOU come here” “No, YOU come HERE”.

    1. HA they are too funny! My husband likes to sleep in a little bit on the weekends but as soon as he makes the mistake of coughing or moving Toby flock calls him until he gets up!

  2. Lol, yours sound like they had singing lessons. Mine sound at the moment super screechy, loud and shrill. I live in a flat and I’m super worried one of the neighbours will complain.
    I’m working from home and it is really quite intense at the moment.

    1. That sounds very stressful! Mine do the raspy shrieking thing too, but they can’t usually sustain it for very long, which is lucky for me. Have you tried playing them different types of music or sounds? Ocean noises usually quiets ours down, or lullabies.

  3. Whenever I put other birds chirping on the computer my budgies will usually ignore it. However, my boy keets go nuts whenever they hear your girl in the video do a flock call.

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