Top 10 reasons owning budgies is like going to a gentleman’s club

  1. Budgie names are usually cute and easy to remember
  2. The budgies can touch you, but you can’t touch them
  3. Budgies dance in cages for your amusement, but they would do it anyway if you weren’t there
  4. They only pay attention to you if you give them a lot of want they want (millet)
  5. It’s hard to keep them off the (curtain) pole – see pic above
  6. They will probably lose interest in you and move on to the next customer
  7. Budgies need time in between “shows” to preen and chat
  8. They really seem to like shiny things
  9. It’s way more expensive than you thought it would be going into it
  10. Sometimes at night there’s a cover
Do you like what you see, gentlemen?


25 thoughts on “Top 10 reasons owning budgies is like going to a gentleman’s club”

  1. That’s so funny. I just posted a dating profile for each of my birds on my blog. Perhaps they’d like to come to your gentlemans club. But only if there are a lot of mirrors! 🙂

    1. Ha!! I read your post, can’t believe I didn’t make a connection! It would be almost perfect but I think I need to get a few more girls for your boys! And more mirrors, definitely….

  2. I love the fact they only pay attention to themselve. It reminds me of someone in my house! I would to get a budgy but my house is too small and the budgy might feel a bit trap. Love the post!

  3. Lovely post! Any pet is a huge responsibility and they are more high maintenance than one can imagine. Your budgie is really cute…..Glad you got admission to this high profile Gentleman’s club:)

  4. This is so funny. I had never even heard the term “budgie” before so this was also very informative. Great post!

  5. Omg this was too funny you made me laugh out loud literally ! Budgies are so cute I’ve never heard of them

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