optimal cage placement

10 tips for optimal bird cage placement

  1. Budgies like to be part of the family, so place the cage in a central location where they will get lots of visitors and interaction.
  2. Budgies are prey and retain those concerns even when living in your home, place the cage against a wall or in a corner so they feel secure.
  3. They will also feel safer if you put the cage up at about your chest level. Because they are naturally tree dwellers, they feel safer up high and being near the ground makes them feel very vulnerable to attack from above.
  4. Put the cage somewhere they can see out a window and they will likely get hours of enjoyment watching other birds and nature. Conversely, they may be scared of what they see out the window, particularly large birds or lots of traffic, so I wouldn’t recommend putting the cage directly up against a window where they can’t ignore it. Another caveat is to make sure they are NOT exposed to direct sunlight; they have no sweat glands and can overheat very quickly. Also, make sure there are no cold drafts in winter.
  5. If at all possible do not put their cage where they can see a television. The images can be scary to them and the flickering lights and noise can have a detrimental effect on their sleeping habits.
  6. Try to avoid the kitchen because of the fumes, I hope you don’t have non-stick cookware, but even regular cooking smells and smoke can be bad for your parakeet’s respiratory systems.
  7. The bedroom should also be avoided if possible, for a couple of reasons. One is that even though a child’s or an adult’s bedroom might seem like a place where a lot of time is spent there are most likely better and more trafficked areas. Two is that parrots, even parakeets, create a fair amount of air pollution via molted feathers, dust, dried poop, seed hulls etc. Breathing these things in is generally not going to be a problem, but deep-breathing every night while you sleep may cause some health issues, particularly in people who have preexisting breathing issues or allergies.
  8. Never put a bird cage on top of a refrigerator or anything else that vibrates. Apparently this can make budgies feel so insecure they lose their minds.
  9. Budgies need 10-12 hours of sleep per night so make sure the cage is somewhere that’s relatively calm and dark at night.
  10. Watch out for AC and heating vents – you don’t want to have hot or cold air blowing directly at your budgies.

Taken all together these seem like a pretty tall order, but you do the best you can and adjust if you see your parakeets having issues. For example, my cage is kitchen adjacent and only against 1 wall, so I’ve definitely failed on perfect placement, but unless I completely renovate my home’s floor plan it’s the best option we’ve got!

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8 thoughts on “10 tips for optimal bird cage placement”

  1. This makes so much sense! This is actually the reference I was searching for the whole time. I have an optimal cage but I didn’t really know where to place it. I was actually going to place it in my bedroom, but after reading this, my mind has changed.

    1. Opinions definitely vary on this placement. I know that a lot of people do keep their parakeet’s cage next to the tv and report that their birds are perfectly happy.

      If there are other options I would explore them, though, particularly if you’ll be watching tv at a semi-loud volume after your bird’s bedtime. They tend to not move once they are tucked in for the night, so they may not seem like they are scared of television noise, but it would be almost impossible to tell how they were really feeling.

      Also you may find your parakeet will “compete” with the television to see who can be louder, so it might impact the household’s ability to watch television comfortably. 🙂

      Best wishes!

  2. Hi I kept my budgies in kitchen but still confused where to keep and at night they always seems like they are not sleeping sitting quietly we use kitchen at night mostly not at day time can you suggest what to do

    1. I am so sorry for my late reply!

      How late at night do you find you use the kitchen? If the kitchen light’s are on very bright late into the night that might not be the best location for your budgie’s home.

      Budgies do well with about 10-12 hours of relative darkness and quiet every night. Is there anywhere in your home that would support a good night’s sleep for them?

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