budgies preferred sleeping conditions

Budgie preferred sleeping arrangements

When you first bring home a new budgie it may be hard to believe that after a full day on their feet they would prefer to sleep standing up. But, it’s true, a comfortable budgie will grind his beak before going to sleep; then tuck one leg up underneath him and drift off. You may also see your parakeet turn his head around and rest it on his back. Here are some typically preferred sleeping arrangements for budgies.

  • Your budgie will probably not want to sleep in a soft enclosure like a Happy Hut, which is good, because they can be unsafe for several reasons. But, even a safe option like this Sea Grass Snuggle Hut may be regarded as quite unsuitable for sleeping, even if it’s fun for day time play and chewing. If you are concerned about your budgie getting cold in winter time, you can use a Bird Cage Cover if your parakeets will tolerate it, mine don’t care for being covered at all! Otherwise, you can use heated perches, like the K&H Thermo Perch or the K&H Snuggle Up Bird Warmer.
  • What the parakeet does want, in most cases, is to sleep on the highest perch possible. Or rather, the highest thing in the cage, no matter if it’s a perch or the top of a toy.  If there’s nothing at a suitable height they will even cling to the bars of the cage in an upper corner. If your parakeet sleeps that way, try putting a perch in that space and see if he’ll get off the wall, although please don’t attempt that after bedtime!  Toby used to run through her options every night before bed and would try to sleep on top of several very unstable toys, until we dropped them all lower than the sleeping perch using Plastic Chain. If you have multiple parakeets make sure you have enough high up perch space to help avoid fighting over preferred territory. Some parakeets prefer to sleep on a Perch Swing, so you can try offering that as well. I wonder if the movement is soothing, like being on a gently swaying tree branch.
  • Make sure you also have a couple of Night Lights or even a Small Lamp to help avoid night terrors.

If you’re providing comfortable perches as the highest items in the cage, and eliminating drafts and scary dark spaces your parakeets should be great sleepers! Although there are exceptions to every rule, most parakeets are very comfortable sleeping standing up and resting one foot at a time by tucking it up into their tummies.

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    2. F*** off !! You have no other problems in the world ?? Take what you need from the article! Him or her is your biggest concern in life?!? You know there is people who have no shelter to survive the night ! Be thankful and get your head out of your a**

  1. My budgies (2 of them) usually sleep together in their cage. However tonight the female budgie is sleeping on a lower perch alone??? Any ideas why?

    1. Mine do that occasionally, they will sleep for many months in a set position and then randomly switch. Could be they went to sleep annoyed at each other, could be one of them wasn’t feeling so hot (molting maybe) and felt safer being lower in the cage.

      As long as she is acting okay otherwise I wouldn’t worry too much.

  2. Thanks so much! They slept side by side last night. I think they had a “tiff” the other night or maybe the female wan’t feeling so good. Her head was bobbing up and down. You are right, they are fine now.

  3. My 2 Budgies (1 male 1 female) sleep beside each other but now have decided to cling to the outside if the cage. It looks very uncomfortable to me. They used to always sleep on the highest perch inside the cage. I wonder why the change.

    1. Hi Fay,

      That is really odd that they’ve started sleeping that way rather than the perch they used to like in the highest spot.

      Is there any way you could try rearranging the cage a bit? Maybe swap the perch or position of the highest one to see if they switch it up again? It might sound strange but I’ve known my budgies to randomly develop fears about the oddest things and there might be something about the perch or location that’s putting them off now….

      Good luck!

  4. Hello I have two parakeets in a big cage and to move it in the other room for sleeping is a pain. Can I put the birds in a small cage just for sleep? I will place the small cage high. Thank you

    1. Hi Monica, yes, as long as your parakeets are willing to transfer into the smaller cage for bed time and are okay with being in a small space it is certainly okay to have a small sleeping cage.

      Are you moving them because the large cage is in a heavily trafficked area in your home and they won’t have restful sleep at night?

      What time does that space typically become quieter? Also, have you considered covering them at night instead of moving them (leaving one side open for light)? I don’t personally cover my cages but I know a lot of people swear by it.

  5. I’m looking to get a fancy perekeet and I have been researching and I can’t find if they are social creators and I’m also 12

    1. Hi Sam, parakeets are very social creatures. If you have a lot of time to spend with your parakeet (for the next 5-10 years) then it’s okay to get a single parakeet. If you don’t have too much time it’s better to get two parakeets so they keep each other company.

      Make sure to get a nice big cage too so they have room to stretch out and fly!

  6. Hi there! I have two parakeets and they get along all day.. play together, preen occasionally, eat together. But the past week or two anytime i take them to bed my female budgie tries beaking my male until I completely cover them and turn out the light.. do you know what could be causing it? Our male budgie has always done this but would only do it for a second then would snuggle up beside her but now it goes on for a couple minutes then they snuggle again.

    1. Hi! My boy and girl always seem to fight before bed time to figure out who will sleep on the highest perch, even if they’ve been sweet as pie to each other all day! As long as they aren’t hurting each other and it’s ends relatively quickly I think this is pretty common behavior. If they are fighting over a coveted perch you could try re-arranging the cage with more desirable sleeping locations. Good luck!

  7. Hi. My budgie just started to sleep in one of his food dishes though there is swing and upper perch in the cage. Is it possible he wants to have a nest to sleep in? (He has a finch as a neighbor in the cage next to his cage. The finch sleeps a lot in his nest during daytime as well. Is it possible that my budgie is just mirroring his buddy?)

    1. I suppose it’s possible that your budgie is following the actions of the finch and has decided that he should sleep in a nest.

      Is he otherwise acting totally normal? Wanting to rest lying down may be a symptom of not feeling very well.

      Also, is he definitely a boy? Female budgies will try to find things to nest in and food dishes can seem very attractive for that purpose. In that case I might recommend finding a silo type feeder to discourage the behavior before she starts laying eggs.

      Hope all is well, best of luck!

  8. Hi, I am wanting to purchase a parakeet, I am in online school right now and I stay in my bedroom just about all day. And I have always wanted one! I’ve done some research and I think since I want to keep it where I do my schoolwork I’m just getting one. Since I have time to give it attention and train it. Anything I should know? Also, I already know what cage and food I want for it, I read the reviews and they sounded very good. But I don’t know what to do to make a little bed for my budgie. (Parakeet)

    1. Good luck getting your new parakeet! It sounds like it will be perfect to keep him where you do your schoolwork. You do not need to make a bed for your budgie, just make sure to have a couple of nice comfortable perches (wood is fine) towards the top of the cage so that they can sleep nice and high up, which helps them feel safe.

      Have fun with your new friend!

  9. Hi I’ve had my boy and girl budgie ( BoBo & Kiwi) for a month. They’re getting used to us. They scoot all the way up to the roof of the cage on a fat soft rope they perch lower on during the day. I’ve noticed now up there, there is two lengths of the rope as it doubles back on the knot and first Kiwi would demand the hi spot where she would rest her head on the knot while standing on the length and now BoBo either rests his head on her or another portion of the knot. I share this because I think it’s strange… but harmless. It’s kinda cute, too. They don’t fight once they climb up into their sleep positions and luckily their daytime bickering is normal. Seems like they get it all out before going to bed.😁

    1. Foraging is the act of walking around looking for food at ground level. It’s good for parakeets because it stimulates them mentally and mimics behavior that they would do in the wild, where they find most of their food on the ground.

      1. Hi, I’ve had my parakeets for 3 days now and they are very difficult to get to sleep. I cover them with a lifti sheet and I left space for light, I have now covered them fully and put on a dim light so they aren’t so scared but they keep jumping as fluttering around when I cover them or turn the lights of. Any idea why this is and what I can do?

      2. Hi Hannah – sorry for the trouble you’re having getting your new friends to go to sleep! I have never covered my parakeets so I’m not sure how to help.

        Have you tried covering on just 3 out of 4 sides of the cage, or not covering at all?

        Alternately, do they settle down after a while? They may just need some time to figure out where they want to sleep?

        Good luck!

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