parakeets eat popcorn

The parakeets eat popcorn for the first time

I am all about feeding the parakeets new and interesting foods, although of course only parakeet-safe stuff. There aren’t too many human snacks that we can share with our parakeets, but popcorn is on the approved list. The only caveat is that it can’t be the salty, buttery awesomeness like you get at the movie theater or from a bag of microwaved popcorn. Plain old popcorn is the ticket.

We’ve had a Presto Hot Air Corn Popper for years – it’s the same brand that I grew up with and it’s so easy to use. You put the corn kernels into the well, plug it in and wait until they pop. It’s a bit noisy as the air heats the kernels but in a few minutes it’s all over and you have a beautiful bowl of pristine popcorn. Our favorite kernels are Snappy White Popcorn and we have some on hand at all times. The best thing about the air popper is that you don’t have to worry about burning oil on the stove top or washing a greasy pan afterwards. It’s a great way to make a healthy snack for humans or parakeets.

Because of my concerns about the noise, I hadn’t made popcorn literally in the two years since we got Toby. Pretty silly, right? We recently decided to try it out and see how traumatized the parakeets would be – which was, as it turns out, zero traumatized.

Although that didn’t mean they quite knew what to do with the popcorn once it was popped. Kelly enjoyed ripping a few pieces apart while Patrick held them, but once they were on a little plate in her cage she totally lost interest. Toby was very suspicious of the end product and didn’t even venture to lick a piece of popcorn.

No worries though, parakeets are notoriously reluctant to try new things so I’m not really put off. Now that we know they aren’t scared of the noisy Air Popper there will be a lot more popcorn opportunities in our house. So, we will offer them a little bit each time and see if the idea catches on; if not, at least it’s something unusual for them to think about, which is always an enriching experience.

4 thoughts on “The parakeets eat popcorn for the first time”

  1. Our Alex loved to hear the popcorn popper. He would tweet to it and come over to the side of his cage and play with me while it popped. Our cockatiel, Fergie, enjoys eating and shreading popcorn, especially of his pop. The more mess the better it must taste. Neither have any interest in popcorn placed inside the cage.

    1. I gave them popcorn again shortly after that first time, Kelly was in love with shredding and throwing the popcorn off the top of the cage. Toby didn’t shred but tossed it all over. As long as they are happy, I’m happy!

      It must certainly be true that the messier it is the better it tastes!

  2. We recently borrowed my parent’s hot air popper, and it’s great! Willow is crazy about popcorn, but Robin is scared of just about anything we try to present to him haha. Glad it’s working for your guys!

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