dreaming about your budgies

Dreaming about your budgies

Do you ever wake up and realize you’ve been dreaming about your budgies?  I’ve had a few dreams about mine in the past, and they tend to be surreal or disturbing! Here’s my notable budgie dreams.

  • I was in college and living in a dorm. I’m way out of college so that’s pretty weird right there! Toby is living in my dorm room with me, but she lives in a terrarium, and for some unknown reason she has to live under water. The water is gray, and gross, it looks like something a fish wouldn’t even be happy to swim in. Toby is happy as a clam though and as I’m leaving my dorm room I tell her I’ll be back soon.
  • I’m with Toby and Kelly and I’m in a shopping mall, in the middle of winter, and I have to go outside to get into another section of the mall. I don’t have a travel cage or flight harnesses, the birds are just on my shoulders, which is totally freaking me out being in public. In waking life I’m pleased that this strikes me as dangerous even in a dream. The parakeets keep flying off short distances and returning to me and I’m delighted that they are so well-trained (haha). Then before I walk out of the mall I give them a talking to and tell them they have to stay with me and can’t fly off. Upon walking outside they totally stick to me like glue and we make it to the next building!  Clearly a crazy dream, if either one of them actually got outside I know they would be gone in a heartbeat.
  • My last dream was about Kevin. My current favorite band is America (they perform the song “Horse with no Name”). In my dream Kevin came walking into the living room on the floor and started singing an American song!  Not like budgie-warbling, he was literally singing the lyrics along with the music. In the dream, like in real life, he doesn’t say any human words at all, and I was in total awe.

I think that was a good silly Kevin dream. I’d love to hear what your budgie dreams have been like? Has anybody ever flown with their flock in a dream?  Please leave a comment below.

7 thoughts on “Dreaming about your budgies”

  1. Your dreams sound great. Mine are mostly nightmares about my birds escaping or dying.

    Occasionally though I will have one about a bird that has passed, it’s suddenly with me and we’re able to play together and those are comforting dreams.

    1. Oh man, those nightmares sound horrible!! I’ve had one where Toby got out of the house, but she came back. Apparently the dream part of my brain has a lot of (unwarranted) faith in Toby!

      The dreams about birds that have passed sound lovely! Not to try and force my spirituality, but I would think they are visiting truly. That is very comforting.

  2. I usually have dreams that I leavemy own birds(5)in one room and then I discover they get into bigger cages with a lot of other birds and I am trying to find my own in the huge flocks. Or I am trying to look for mine because someone puts them in with theirs and I can’t find my own as everybirdy is chirping like mine. Have also had dreams where I put them in a lunch box and then try to take them into odd places??? Ha-really enjoyed reading about your budgie dreams. Love your blog!

    1. Those sound like some stressful dreams, with the exception of the lunch box travel cage LOL! Love it!

      Thanks so much for reading and commenting 🙂

  3. My budgie dreams are usually horrible ones! The common theme is escaping budgies. I had a budgie escape when I was about 7 years old & I think that’s what started the dreams. I also had a dream once where I suddenly remembered I’d put the budgies in the spare room weeks ago! As if I’d ever forget I had them???!!!

    1. Horrible dreams seem to be the norm when it comes to budgies. I think I’m just lucking out!

      The suddenly remembering they were in a spare room must have been seriously awful!

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