getting parakeets back in their cage using a bell

Getting parakeets back in their cage

Here’s the scene: I’m home alone and the parakeets are spending free time out of their cages. I have a super small house with an open layout, so when they are out they are out everywhere in the house. To put even a finer point on it, my front door doesn’t even have a screen or storm door, when you open it it’s wide open to the terrible world. So – the doorbell rings in this scenario, if I have to open it then I better have a system for getting parakeets back in their cage with haste!

In some instances we’ve gone over and opened the window in the bedroom closest to the front door and yelled out at people, which is very handy when you wouldn’t have wanted to entertain the stranger anyway. But, when it’s a long-awaited package that’s signature required there better be a way to get that door open!

Patrick decided to try training them to go in using this Meditation Chime although I’m sure he could have just used the training clicker. Now that I’m thinking about it – if you found a Doorbell that sounded like yours you could probably literally train them to go in the cage anytime the doorbell rang.

At any rate, what we did was ring the chime, then put the budgies in their cages, shut the door, then ring the chime again and give them a little millet.

In short order, Toby has got it down flat. The Meditation Chime rings and she immediately looks very alert and hauls butt right back to her cage, then stands on the perch she always receives her millet. Kelly is much slower to learn anything, so we’re still working on her after several weeks. But, once Toby is in her cage Kelly tends to be more calm and pliable so it’s easier to step her up and put her home for the night. Kevin is usually already at home in his cage, or happy to go back when Toby does.

The hope is that given enough time, both girls and boy will hear the chime and hop right back into their cages. This would be great for times we unexpectedly need to open the front door, but also just for routine at bed time and convenience.Β  Time to make dinner, just ring the chime and you’ll be able to preheat the oven no trouble!

With the flock’s current home in the middle of the house, being able to reliably get them into their cage is key. So, hopefully Kelly will get with the program soon. With most parakeets I think you’d have a pretty easy time getting them all to go in their cage using a certain tone or signal.

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  1. I have sheer curtains pressure hanging on a shower curtain rod in front of every doorway, giving me some space to maneuver to a door without risk. I even have one in a haal way to contain them to one part of the house. Not the best decorating idea but a safe one for my parakeets… I like the chime training idea πŸ™‚

    1. That’s a really cool idea! The part of my house that is the living room, dining area and kitchen is all open with no doorways or even places to reasonably put up a tension rod – but I could definitely do one in the hall and keep them somewhat corralled in one half! Thank you!

    1. We do still use the chime, I don’t think it makes any difference at this point but my husband does!

      Either way, after a few months they all got with the program and now when we say it’s bed time everyone goes right to their cage without a fuss 99% of the time.

      During the day we are still not having my success getting them into cages, but if someone comes knocking on the door I can usually heard them into their room and shut the door pretty quickly!

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