cooking eggs for parakeets


Thanks for joining me!  This blog is intended to be a resource for both the novice and experienced parakeet owner, or just a good story for anyone who likes reading about birds. There are reviews of bird-related products as well as tips and tricks and fun stories about our many mistakes along the way.

This is also the story of how we went from no pets, to one parakeet, to two parakeets.  The major players are me (Kristen) and my husband, Patrick. And of course the two most important people, Toby and Kelly, pictured above.  Well, above and probably everywhere else on this site 🙂

One final note – if you are considering parakeet ownership and you don’t want to do any other research at all, please at least purchase (and read!) Parakeets For Dummies.

Helpful links:
Check out Bob Wilson’s site about Exhibition Budgies! He has a fantastic resource library on his site with loads of important information.


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