Back to mixing up parakeet food – and a $10 Amazon gift card giveaway!

A while back I said that having found Dr. Harvey’s Parakeet Food I was all done mixing up my own blends of various seeds and pellets.  It turns out I was a bit hasty when I made that grand statement and feeding parakeets is a moving target. The first couple of bags we got of Dr. Harvey’s Parakeet Food were perfect, and then over time they started being more heavily full of sesame seeds, which Toby and Kelly will not touch with a 10 foot pole.  Initially I thought that they would get over it and learn to eat them, but instead they started fighting way more viciously over their food bowls.

I thought that perhaps they were feeling more defensive about the food because there was less of it they found tolerable, so I quickly ordered a bag of Volkman Avian Science Super Parakeet and was glad of the reasonable price and my Amazon prime two day shipping.  If you are shopping on Amazon then I definitely recommend you Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial, it’s magical being able to think I desperately need a new toy, perch, or food and have it show up just a couple of days later.  (The link to the free trial there, like every other Amazon link on homekeethome is an affiliate link).

My Volkman Avian Science Super Parakeet arrived and I offered some of it to the parakeets, they fell onto it immediately as though I had been starving them!  Apparently my sense of what was going on with the Dr. Harvey’s Parakeet Food was dead on, as I immediately started mixing the two seeds blends and saw a massive reduction in food-related violence.

At about the same time, I put some Roudybush Daily Maintenance Bird Food, Nibles in the food cup on the parakeets’ play tree, not really thinking they would be into it, but Kelly went nuts for them!  She would go out to the tree and camp out on the food dish, proceeding to chow down for a solid 10 minutes without pause.

Since she liked it so much I thought I might as well start putting pellets back into their daily seed mix.  And here I am, back to mixing together three different things to get them a good base diet, and of course offering vegetables and fruits regularly as well.

On to the giveaway, which is sponsored by me out of the love I have for Amazon Prime and how much it helps me get what I need quickly without driving all over the place looking for preferred brands of food, toys and other supplies. I will contact the winner after the end of the sweepstakes, midnight, Monday 6/26 and will request the name and email address, prize will be a code emailed by directly.  Open to the US only this time, 18 and over.

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The Parakeet Handbook – Review and Giveaway – Winner has been selected and contacted

This sweepstakes is over and the winner has been contacted.  Thanks everyone who entered!  

The Parakeet Handbook (Barron’s Pet Handbooks) is a great book to have on hand, whether you’re a novice or experienced owner. If you’re thinking about getting a budgie I would recommend reading both this book and Parakeets For Dummies.

For the potential parront there is a section about considerations before buying, and for the novice owner there are tips about cage set up, care and feeding and other basics.

I think the best section is the table of dangers, which highlights a lot of the dangerous items in the home, some that I hadn’t even thought of, such as a parakeet getting stuck behind books on a shelf. Also there is a great chapter on parakeet diseases and how to prevent them, and also what you can do at home to help support treatment.

The writing style is easy to read and the book is well-organized with a comprehensive index in back for easily locating what you need to find at any given time. There are a lot of pictures throughout, which of course I enjoy!

There are only a couple of issues I have with this book, one is that in several spots she mentions giving parakeets gravel to aid digestion, and I am strongly against that practice because parakeets do not need grit to break down food.

Additionally, I feel she doesn’t accurately capture the dangers of having candles or cigarette smoke around birds, candles are noted as a danger for burning only in the table of dangers, when in fact being in the same room as lit candles will almost certainly kill a parakeet.  For cigarettes, she mentions ventilating the room if someone smokes in the same room as the bird, which I find very alarming, maybe she didn’t want to offend smokers, but cigarettes should never be smoked anywhere near a parakeet. If someone in the household smokes every effort should be made to smoke outdoors and to wash hands thoroughly before handling a budgie or any bird.

Those few reservations aside, I do recommend this book for its wealth of information.

On to the giveaway!  This is sponsored by me and I will contact the winner after the end of the sweepstakes, midnight, Thursday 2/2 and will request the name and address, prize will be mailed by directly.  Open to the US only this time, 18 and over. The link will take you to the rafflecopter widget for entry.

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