Top 10 reasons owning budgies is like going to a gentleman’s club

  1. Budgie names are usually cute and easy to remember
  2. The budgies can touch you, but you can’t touch them
  3. Budgies dance in cages for your amusement, but they would do it anyway if you weren’t there
  4. They only pay attention to you if you give them a lot of want they want (millet)
  5. It’s hard to keep them off the (curtain) pole – see pic above
  6. They will probably lose interest in you and move on to the next customer
  7. Budgies need time in between “shows” to preen and chat
  8. They really seem to like shiny things
  9. It’s way more expensive than you thought it would be going into it
  10. Sometimes at night there’s a cover
Do you like what you see, gentlemen?

Update to the review of the Super Bird Creations Wind Chime Toy for Birds

It’s been several months now since my original review of the Super Bird Creations Wind Chimes Toy for Birds and this toy is still Kelly’s number one favorite.  Not only that, but it is still in good shape for being abused daily.  The toy lost a plastic straw and bead last week when the bottom knot came until, but other than that it looks pretty darn mint.

Here’s a video of Kelly being a bat girl with the wind chimes – I wish it was better but she gets very camera shy, you can see she stops playing and rapidly nods her head at me to indicate I should leave her alone!  Although Kelly is the primary user, Toby also gets into it, but instead of hanging upside down and twisting around Toby prefers to separate one “leg” at a time and drape it over the nearby perch before dominating.

I know that at about $13 it might seem like a pretty big outlay of cash for a single toy, but with budgies it will last you a long time and if yours are like mine it will be the belle of the ball.

Hari Rustic Treasures toy line at Drs. Foster & Smith

Whenever we get a new Doctors Foster & Smith catalog in the mail I’m excited to see what’s new and also filled with a small amount of dread, knowing I’m about to part with a pretty good chunk of change!

They always have a ton of great toys for birds of all sizes, and a line that was featured in their recent catalog, Hari Rustic Treasures, has an array of toys that range in price from approximately $4 to $19.

What attracted me to this line was not just that they look like tons of fun for our budgies, but also that they are made of natural and eco-friendly materials, feature lead/zinc free chains and are certified fair trade.  They also have a really unique and, indeed, rustic handmade look to them, while also being brightly colored and eye-catching.

I bought the:
Silk Cascade bird toy
Grass Bundles bird toy

They are all a bit big for budgies, but I like that, since I know they will take some effort before they are fully destroyed!

So, if you’re looking for a new toy for your parrots that you can feel good about buying I definitely recommend checking out Hari Rustic Treasures at Drs. Foster & Smith.

Review of the Bonka Bird Toys 1925 Cake Bird Toy

At first glance the Bonka Bird Toys 1925 Cake Bird Toy foraging parrot cage toys cages shred cockatiel african grey looks a bit cheap, I was sort of skeptical of the foam pieces, and it just overall looked a bit too thrown together and sort of unnatural for my tastes.  But, I was chucking stuff in my cart at amazon so this got added in too!

Once it arrived I was even more turned off, the solla wood that makes up the “cupcake” is extremely lightweight, and the foam and plastic pieces looked just as insubstantial in person.

I stowed it away in our toy cabinet and basically forgot about it until this weekend when I was swapping out some things, and decided to use it on our play gym.

Kelly made a beeline to the Bonka Bird Toys 1925 Cake Bird Toy foraging parrot cage toys cages shred cockatiel african grey, and played with that toy for the entire day virtually non-stop.  She did make a huge mess and totally tore apart the wood piece in one day, but it was well worth it to watch her enjoy herself and just chew away.

It wouldn’t make a ton of economic sense to provide her with one daily, but I think she can be sure to have one of these as a treat every so often.  And I’m definitely going to seek out more solla wood toys!

I did slide a wood block on the post after the cupcake was murdered and she enjoys that as well, the cupcake wrappers seem fun to nibble at and she likes the sound it makes.  I think the fact that she could hear the bell jingling but not actually see it was fun for her too.

The whole thing put her into a frenzy in the best possible way!

Review of the Wesco Bird Kabob Carnival Swing Bird Toy

I’ve bought a few of the Wesco kabob toys before, usually the single strand version(Wesco Pet Mini Bird Kabob Shreddable Bird Toy) and the budgies love them.  They spend the bulk of their play time focused on destruction, and this style of toy must be very satisfying to destroy.

The Wesco kabobs are sustainable, earth friendly and 100% biodegradable – which is a nice change from plastic toys. Per the website they are also the #1 selling bird toy of all time.

They come in a wide range of sizes, I know I’ve mentioned before how important it is to watch the sizes on toys for parakeets because just looking at an image of a toy with no reference point for size can be very misleading.  That totally happened to me on this one, I didn’t take my own advice, so I ended up with the Bird Kabob 8-1/2-Inch Carnival Chewable Perch, which is 8.5 x 2 x 12 inches.

When I unboxed the Bird Kabob 8-1/2-Inch Carnival Chewable Perch both Patrick and I thought I had just wasted some money and I clearly should have gotten the 4.5 inch Bird Kabob 4-1/2-Inch Favorito Chewable Perch.  I put it away in the toy cabinet, thinking that at some point we could pull it apart and build smaller toys out of it.

Recently while re-arranging our play gym I thought I might as well try putting the swing out there, and after a few days of avoiding it, Kelly became quite enamored of the swing. She does look very small when sitting on it, but she will spend easily an hour or more just hanging out on that swing and chewing away.

Some parakeets might be too intimidated by the size of this perch and I’m sure the smaller version would be a huge hit as well, but if you’ve got a parakeet that really likes to chew, this size is perfect.  I’m sure Kelly would have already decimated the smaller version, but this will keep her occupied for months, so it’s well-worth the price for me. The bigger size also means that Kelly and Toby can chew at opposite ends of the toy without having territory disputes, which is a huge plus!